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Pigpen Consulting Grow Your Business!

Pigpen is created by Concordia University professor Dr. Yuhong Yan for commercializing research results in the research group she leads. While commercializing our research results, we provide consulting service on Web based enterprise applications, eCommerce, mobile computing, and cloud computing.

  • Website analysis and e-marketing: promote the visibility of your site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website design: static pages, dynamic pages, multi-tier architecture, graph design
  • Website hosting, management, and maintenance
  • Domain name registration and transfer
  • E-commerce site with shopping cart, check out, and shipping functions
  • Enterprise application projects: project management, database migration
  • Consulting on JavaScript, Java, J2EE, Web services, XML etc.
  • Ebay store listing and eCommerce issues

Why Choose Us

  • Consulting with leading techniques: we are deep in computer science and software engineering research
  • Service oriented business model: we understand the needs of small and medium business. We take care of your particular demands no matter how small your project is.
  • Professional technicians: along with professional IT developer, our team has professional graphic designer and professional photographer.
  • Turnkey solutions: from writing your Web content in English, French, and Chinese, to shopping cart solution, we build your site from scratch. We help to grow your business.
  • Free estimates of your project.