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We are commericalizing the research results in Dr. Yuhong Yan's lab. Please check our publications for more information about our research.

Smart Entertainment Planner based on Service Discovery and Service Composition

(Last update: Feb. 2015)
Link: Hover the City

Software implementation: Yifei Zhang

Currently, most service discovery and service composition study focuses on electronic services only. Indeed, service computing should cover services of all kinds, from online electronically provisioned services to business services in our daily life, like restaurant and movie theatres. In this study, we have the following contribution: 1) service discovery techniques to discover all kinds of business services based on given context and business goals; 2) model soft constraints in service composition. Soft constraints are some constraints, unsatisfaction of which causes only penalties, not a failed plan; With soft constraints, we can have a business process more flexible. 3) service composition with real valued context model. We demonstrate our technique by developing an entertainment planner. We have both desktop and mobile version. The entertainment planner can discover services around your location automatically and suggests you activities according to your budget, and time constraints.

Web Service Discovery and Web Services Hub

(Last update: Feb. 2015)
Link: Web Service Discovery and Web Services Hub

Software implementation: Yucun Li and Hamed Mortazavi

We are testing techniques to discover and index Web services without UDDI. We are using several techniques to collect Web services, e.g. Web crawler, and exacting info from other indexing sites. We also allow the users to submit their services via Web UI or Web service interfaces. The results are shown in the service hub site. We are working on to test the QoS on the collected services and allow the users to rate them. You are welcome to use the data we have collected.